Autumn 2015

Contents: Gary’s Essay Hike 100 Challenge on North Country NST Celebrates NPS Centennial Engaging For-Profit Media and Event Partners The Bryson Effect An Overview of the Three Trails Conference “Retracing Captain John Smith’s Trail on the Patapsco” Engages Youth with the Chesapeake New England NST…

Summer 2015

Contents: Land and Water Conservation Fund Up for Renewal Why the Land and Water Conservation Fund is Critical for the NTS Online Interactive Map Showcases Land and Water Conservation Fund Projects Kristen Bail Selected to be Director of BLM’s Office of National Landscape Conservation System and…

Nez Perce Trail Foundation — Summer 2015 Newsletter

  Nez Perce Trail Foundation — Summer 2015 Newsletter

Continental Divide NST – Interpretive Plan

Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Interpretive Plan

Appalachian Mountain Club – Various


Spring 2015

Contents: Activities along America’s National Trails The 2014 “Gold Sheet” of Volunteer Hours Interesting Factoids About the Pony Express NHT Selma to Montgomery NHT Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights March L’Hermoine Voyage 2015 Jeff Reinbold Becomes NPS Assistant Director for Partnerships and Civic Engagement…

American Hiking Society – Manager of Program Outreach & Communications

Old Spanish Trail Association – Association Manager

Support Needed for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Please Sign on to Support the Land and Water Conservation Fund! Every few years, we refresh our LWCF Coalition Statement of Support, which lays out our coalition’s message to Congress, and is signed by supporters ranging from local to national groups who are working to…

National Trails System GIS Network

Do you like National Trails?  Are you interested in mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and other technologies?  If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then you should join the National Trails System GIS Network!  The network was…