Natchez Trace NST: 2018 Highlights

Natchez Trace Parkway Association (NTPA)

  • The National Park Service, Natchez Trace Parkway Association, and Chickasaw Nation representatives presented educational guided hikes along sections of the historic trail to observe the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System. News articles about the event increased awareness of the trail and the benefits it provides to nearby communities.
  • Improved significant sections of trail by bringing them up to standard.
  • Developed a new program to train volunteer coordinators to supervise maintenance work on the trail. Community volunteers from three States attended half-day sessions to receive training in trail maintenance standards and then participated in hands-on training on the trail. Community organizations adopted sections of trail to maintain.

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Brian Laster, Natchez Trace Parkway Association Living History, portraying U.S. Lt. Col. Thomas S. Butler, who was in charge of developing the Natchez Trace into a wagon highway in 1801. Photo Credit: NTPA.