NCTA executive directorship changes hands

The North Country Trail Association (NCTA) appointed a new Executive Director, Andrea Ketchmark. She started her position August 1, 2017, following Bruce Matthews’ retirement on July 31.

Bruce Matthews retired as Executive Director of the North Country Trail Association on July 31st. Andrea Ketchmark, NCTA Director of Trail Development, took over the role August 1, 2017.
(Photo courtesy Lowell’s First Look)

Ketchmark spent the last eight years as NCTA’s Director of Trail Development, where she worked with volunteers and partners across the North Country National Scenic Trail. Prior to that she worked as Volunteer Programs Manager with the American Hiking Society. She’s excited to step into the role that Matthews held since 2007.

In a farewell video greeting from Matthews, he detailed some of NCTA’s accomplishments in his tenure with the organization.

• Built almost a thousand new miles of trail
• Membership and volunteers reporting their hours are up about 40 percent
• Governance board has grown and is focused on policy/development efforts

“To be able to be a part of the North Country Trail community has been a huge, huge privilege for me,” he said. “The relationships that we build among ourselves as we build the trail, as we maintain the trail, are deeply meaningful, and they need to be maintained.”

Ketchmark shared some of her goals in a live video and news release and said her challenge will be “sustaining our success and figuring out what it means to take us to the next level.”

• Advocate for public land and trails to protect natural resources
• Engage new audiences through efforts like the Hike 100 Challenge
• Build on financial strength to meet growing and changing needs of the trail

The Partnership for the National Trails System welcomes Ketchmark and thanks Matthews for his work with the NCTA and National Trails System.

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