Recent U.S. Department of Interior political appointees

Senior Leadership

• David Bernhardt—Deputy Secretary
• James (Jim) Cason—Associate Deputy Secretary, Office of the Deputy Secretary
• Todd Willens—Assistant Deputy Secretary, Office of the Deputy Secretary
• Vincent DeVito—Counselor to the Secretary for Energy Policy

Assistant Secretaries

• Doug Domenech—Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs
• Scott Cameron—Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management, and Budget
• Andrea Travnicek—Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
• Katharine MacGregor—Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management
• Aurelia Skipwith—Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Office of the Secretary

• Scott Hommel—Chief of Staff to the Secretary
• Steve Wackowski—Senior Advisor for Alaska Affairs
• Elinor Renner—Special Assistant to the Secretary
• Luke Bullock—Advance Representative to the Secretary
• Lori Mashburn—White House Liaison
• Amanda Kaster-Averill—Advisor
• Russell Roddy—Director of Scheduling and Advance
• Aaron Thiele—Advance Representative
• Caroline Boulton—Special Assistant to the Secretary
• Natalie Davis—Special Assistant to the Secretary

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, Parks

• Marshall Critchfield—Advisor
• Brian Pavlik—Special Assistant, National Park Service

Office of the Solicitor

• Ryan Nelson—Solicitor for the Department of the Interior
• Gary Lawkowski—Counselor to the Solicitor
• Daniel Jorjani—Principal Deputy Solicitor
• Joshua Campbell—Advisor
• Richard Goeken—Deputy Solicitor for Parks and Wildlife

Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs

• Micah Chambers—Deputy Director
• Blake Deeley—Advisor

Office of Communication

• Russell Newell—Deputy Director
• Heather Swift—Press Secretary
• Alex Hinson—Deputy Press Secretary
• Eli Nachmany—Writer
• Laura Keehner Rigas—Communications Director

Office of External Affairs

• Timothy Williams—Deputy Director
• Steven Smith—Advisor, Intergovernmental Affairs
• Jason Funes—Assistant

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

• Greg Sheehan—Deputy Director

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

• Alan Mikkelsen—Deputy Commissioner

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