Find America’s Trails – Out There!

At 13, I was the smallest boy in my class. “Hey, Shrimp!” was a refrain often heard. On a 50-mile backpacking trip, my 80-pound body wrestled with a 35-pound pack. But “out there,” I found scenes more beautiful than pictures on a museum wall. Out there I fell in love with it. Out there I felt like a giant.

Then and now along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Photo Credit: Barney Mann

I didn’t know I was on the Pacific Crest Trail. I didn’t know that someday my path would be part of a network of 30 national scenic and historic trails. I had no clue how much effort it would take to create one trail – much less this country’s 55,000-mile trail system of national treasures.

But today, I do. I am Barney Scout Mann, President of the Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS). Please join me in protecting these treasures.

Today, we seek supporters who care about the national scenic and historic trails. Honor your favorite trail – a trail tracing one of the historic periods of American history –such as the Selma to Montgomery or Pony Express – or a scenic trail that captures the iconic landscape of a region or mountain range. No matter your preference, our thanks to each one of you who steps up to support the trails.

Collectively the 30 trails create an American legacy. You can be a part of building and maintaining this legacy. We need your support today to continue the work of creating a National Trail System for all of America.

Make a donation today – even just $50 goes further than you would think!

Thank you and I hope to meet you “out there.”

Barney Scout Mann

The National Trails System includes 30 national scenic and historic trails and over 3,000 national recreation and rail trails.