Our Work

The Work of the Partnership for the National Trails System

  1. Strengthening the capacity of the member trail organizations by providing opportunities to network and exchange best practices at the biennial trails conference help in odd years (2013, 2015..) and workshops to address issues specific to the National Scenic Trail and National Historic Trail organizations, partners and affiliates in even years (2014, 2016..).
  2. Promoting the “Decade for the National Trails” by pursuing a number of actions to implement the three decade goals and a series of objectives to greatly increase public support for the National Trails System, to complete more of the trails, and to strengthen the capacity of the organizations and federal agencies to sustain them.
  3. Convening partners and member organizations to design and propose collaborative plans to build and maintain the trails system and address the threats to the system and the trails.
  4. Coordinating advocacy efforts of partners on public policy impacting individual trails and the national trails system.
  5. Informing Congress, federal trail managing agencies and other decision makers about the state of the trails and contributions, projects, and activities of member organizations and their volunteers towards sustaining the national scenic and historic trails.
  6. Developing the next generation of leaders and stewards to continue the work of the Partnership and its members and partners to complete and maintain America’s National Trail System.
  7. Completing the National Trails System as envisioned.