2019 Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail Highlights

Ala Kahakai Trail Association (ATA)

E Mau Nā Ala Hele (E Mau)


EducationATA initiated a program that taught intermediate and high school students from six schools about the trail and its significance to our history. The program included a classroom lecture about the trail and a site visit to a segment of the trail nearest to the location of the school. 

ProgramsATA hosted eight guided hikes on the trail by a board member, and another six community hikes focusing on land acquisition parcels. E Mau led about four hikes along the trail, asking local families to act as docents giving rich family history of those who came before.


Land — ATA acquired in fee 2,300 acres in Waikapuna where the coastal portion the trail traverses, which will permanently protect this segment of the trail. ATA also holds in title about 800 acres of conservation easement on a neighboring parcel, which will help preserve a portion of the landscape with a multitude of culturally significant resources. ATA was ranked in the top three projects for 2020 and 2021 for land acquisitions from the State Legacy Land funds, as well as ranked first for its option to purchase in fee 1,300 acres in Kaunamano which is set to close by the end of summer 2020. 

Advocacy — E Mau worked with the local population in the Waikoloa area to speak against a proposal to build a 62-unit complex along the shoreline; the proposal was withdrawn.


Strategic Plan — ATA completed its strategic plan for 2019-2024, describing its goals and future direction. E Mau plans to introduce a new strategic plan in 2020 with an emphasis on growing membership and outreach to schools.  

Staffing — ATA retained a part-time coordinator to help with logistical and administrative support, and engaged the services of a private firm to help complete management plans for its newest acquisition.