2019 Appalachian National Scenic Trail Highlights

Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC)


Next Generation — ATC held regional Next Gen summits, affinity groups, activities, and supported its Next Generation Advisory Council.

Partnerships — ATC and partners hosted four Youth Summits, including the first-ever Everybody’s Environment Emerging Leaders (E3) Summit in North Carolina. ATC constructed a half-mile relocation of the trail with LatinXhikers and the Georgia A.T. Club. Supported by ATC and REI, women gathered under the banner “Wild East Women” through seven trail maintenance work trips.

Trail Towns — ATC added its 48th A.T. Community with the designation of Round Hill, VA.  


Land — ATC worked with partners and used Land and Water Conservation Fund monies to purchase the 243-acre “Hogan Hollow,” a vital stretch of land that will help expand the footpath’s corridor and preserve the views from McAfee Knob, which were at risk due to threats from development.   

Threatened Species — ATC and partners removed trail obstructions and restored stream environments to support fish migration within the 100 Mile Wilderness waterways, restored high elevation spruce stands in the Roan Highlands, and prioritized trail relocation, interpretive signage, and Visitor Use Management planning processes to protect a globally imperiled plant species on Spy Rock in Virginia.  


Staffing — ATC appointed Sandra Marra the President/CEO of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and hired a new CFO and VP of Advancement. 

Strategic Plan — ATC staff and the Strategic Directions Committee of ATC’s Board of Directors held partner and stakeholder discussions and surveys as part of the development of its next strategic plan. 

Volunteerism — ATC registered 163 new people for volunteer events hosted by 23 A.T. clubs through listings on ATC’s website. 

GIS — NPS released the first edition of the trail’s Facility Inventory Portfolio GIS Data WebApp, a web-based GIS tool that provides AT managers with integrated FMSS data that can be used to plan projects and create maps.