2019 Bureau of Land Management Highlights

Trail Administration — Administered three trails and engaged in the National Trail Administrators Roundtable in Harper’s Ferry, WV (Iditarod, Old Spanish, and El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro NHTs).

Trail Management — Managed significant portions of 18 NSHTs on 6,000 miles of public lands in 15 States and 2,000 miles of trails under study.

Budget and Performance — Accomplished 100 percent of planned inventory and monitoring across multiple States, worked to establish NSHT corridors in several resource management plans, and participated in the National Environmental Policy Act review of proposed projects. Managed four major-trail related visitor centers (OR, NV, WY, and MT) with limited staffing.  

National Scenic and Historic Trails Inventory, Assessment, and Monitoring Program — Through shared objectives and additional funding support provided by the FHWA through an Interagency Agreement, the BLM contracted and completed a methodology and field guide to inventory, assess, and monitor trails, focusing on NSHTs. In Fiscal Year 2019, the BLM contractor completed performance and data management deliverables and pilot-tested the required field-based course in Arizona with agency and trail partners along the Arizona National Scenic Trail and Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. This project will also be useful for all kinds of trails, and assist State grantees and Federal Land Management Agencies in the administration of their recreational trail programs by contributing to research and technical assistance. The final methodology and field guide technical report is expected in early 2020, including a field training course ready to deploy.

Partnerships — Worked to accomplish youth programs and internship grants, resource management programs, and training through the 5-year assistance agreement with the PNTS.  

Technology — Promoted national trails through Tumblr, the BLM Daily internal site, and Flickr photo albums.

Staffing — Deb Salt retired Jan. 17, 2020, after serving more than 20 years as the BLM National Scenic and Historic Trails Program Lead, over 32 years with BLM, and over 34 years in public service.