2019 Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail Highlights

Natchez Trace Parkway Association (NTPA)


PartnershipsNPS partnered with the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail to designate a crossing of the trails in Alabama as an official Trail of Tears site. The “Water Route Overlook” is the location where the Tennessee River and the Natchez Trace Parkway and Natchez Trace NST intersect.


Maintenance — Local trail stewards and the Southeast Conservation Corps rehabilitated 10 miles of the Highland Rim section. The Youth Conservation Corps and Boy Scouts of America collectively repaired over 700 feet of boardwalk along the Blackland Prairie section. Contractors removed over 500 downed timber from 16 miles of the Yockanookany section.


TrainingsNPS provided half-day training sessions to teach trail maintenance techniques to trail stewards for the Highland Rim and Blackland Prairie sections. 

Funding — NPS allocated over $3 million for the replacement of deteriorating structures along the Blackland Prairie and Yockanookany sections of the trail; construction is set to begin in 2021.