2019 Partnership for the National Trails System Annual Report


The Partnership for the National Trails System met its revenue needs for 2019, in part through extra efforts to get private contributions. The Partnership launched a supporter program, reaching out to new and existing donors by mail, email, and personal asks made by individual leaders. The other story of 2019 revenue was the continued support by Federal partners, including a new cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration, and an internship initiative with the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. 

As for expenses, 2019 was a non-conference year for the Partnership. However, we continued to deliver services as we had done in 2018 to our member organizations, as well as collaborate with our Federal agency partners. An outcome of this successful collaboration has been the outstanding and high impact internship program which funds interns with member trail organizations. We worked with allied organizations to advocate for the trails, and we continue to produce our high-quality Pathways magazine four times per year telling the stories of the trails and the stewards that ensure quality experiences year round.

2018 Total Revenue


Government Assistance
Event Revenue

Membership Dues

Private Contributions

Miscellaneous Income

2018 Total Expenses


Program Services Expenses

Management Expenses

Fundraising Expenses


Benefactor of Trails

($5,000 – $9,999)

Barney and Sandra Mann

Richard and Patricia Oldenkamp

Gary Werner

Caretaker of Trails

($2,500 – $4,999)

Charles and Jackie Mann

Protector of Trails

($1,000 – $2,499)

Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Assoc.

Sandra Marra and Christopher Brunton

Bill Dahnke

Kathy DeCoster

Steve Elkinton

Ric Francke

Elizabeth Stewart

Tarma Designs

Ron Tipton

Steward of Trails

($500 – $999)

John Crawford

Reba Wells Grandrud

Scott Jacobsmeyer

Donald and Amy Owen

Mitchell Reff

Barbara Schaefer

Shian Sung

Scott Williams

Advocate for Trails

($250 – $499)

Liz Bergeron

Cosmo Catalano

Mike Chapple

Linda Cheney

Steven Gonzales

Margaret Gorski

Robert and Catherine Hutchinson

Kimo Kimokeo

Reese Lukei, Jr.

James Mallory

Teresa Martinez

James Muschett

Andy Schmidt

Bill Sevald

Martha and Kevin Tansey

Michael Wollmer

Trail Builder

($100 – $249)

Lila Aamodt

RG Absher, Jr

Rod Bartlow

Judy Bittner

Derek Blount

Hazel Braithwaite

Donald Dearborn

Jay Dement

Shalin Desai

Richard and Colleen Doering

Patricia Foster

Vladimir Guerrero

Patrick Hearty

John Hoffnagle

Luke Kloberdanz

Don Mann

Bill Martin

Arthur and Marjorie Miller

Matthew Nelson

Albie Pokrob

Dean Ross

Helen Scully

Kimberly Skinner

Greg and Nancy Warren

David and Wendy Welch

Elizabeth Wessel

Kent Wimmer

James Zimmerman

Supporter of Trails

($50 – $99)

Chris Brown

Jack Cohen

Alan and Karen Crossley

Laura DeGolier

Bob Funk

Daniel Hicks

Elena Hoffnagle

Andrea Ketchmark

Shelley Mann-Lev

John Mead

Berl Meyer

Kim and Pamela Owen

Curt Soper

Jonathan Stephens

Rich Steward

Stephen Stutzman


Robert Buchanan

Christian Danielsen

Bradley Green

Mark Haber

Justin Kooyman

John Leinen, Jr.

Scott Piddington

Morgan Sommerville

Susan Stevens-Briody

Deloris Gray Wood

Private Contributions





*unaudited numbers

In 2019, the Partnership received donations in honor of Veronica Elkinton, Barney Mann, and Gary Werner.