2019 U.S. Forest Service Highlights

Trail Administration — Administered five NSTs (Pacific Crest, Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Continental Divide, and Florida), one NHT (Nez Perce), and managed portions of many others.

Maintenance — Maintained and cared for approximately 6,115 miles of trail across the six NSHTs administered by the USFS in Fiscal Year 2019.

Trail Improvements — Improved (i.e. alterated, expanded, or constructed) approximately 103 miles of trail across the six USFS administered NSHTs in FY19.

Volunteer Support — Volunteers made significant trail maintenance contributions to the six NSHTs administered by the USFS in FY19, as a total of approximately 235,507 volunteer hours were completed with an in-kind value of almost $5,800,000. 

Planning — Made progress with Nez Perce National Historic Trail and Arizona National Scenic Trail on their Comprehensive Management Plans.

National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act Implementation — Continued to implement the Trail Maintenance Priority Areas, including the entire Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and a variety of sections of other NSHTs. 

National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System Implementation — Continued implementation of the National Trail Strategy, with the release of the 10-Year Trail Challenge expected in 2020.