2020 Bureau of Land Management Highlights

Trail Administration — BLM administered the Iditarod NHT and co-administered, with the NPS, the Old Spanish and El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro NHTs.

Trail Management — BLM managed significant portions of 18 National Scenic and Historic Trails on 6,000 miles of public lands in 15 States and 2,000 miles of trails under study and managed four major-trail related visitor centers in OR, NV, WY, and MT. 

Budget and Performance   FY20 National Scenic and Historic Trails Program received an increase in funding that was directed to accomplish the implementation of the NSHT Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring program, increased access/recreational opportunities, funded National Trails Visitor Center youth internships, and the completion of new trail portal and site sign projects.  

National Scenic and Historic Trails Inventory, Assessment, and Monitoring Program — The final BLM methodology and field guide for Inventory Assessment and Monitoring (IAM) was completed in early 2020.  Staff presented associated introduction at the  PNTS Workshop in October.   

Partnerships — BLM renewed the assistance agreement with PNTS for 5 more years!

Staffing — Carin Farley was selected as the new BLM National Scenic and Historic Trails Program Lead and joined the National Conservations Lands Directorate in the new Reno, Nevada office in September.