2020 Santa Fe National Historic Trail Highlights

Santa Fe Trail Association (SFTA)


200th Anniversary — 

SFTA launched a new website for the Santa Fe Trail 200th at:  www.santafetrail200.org

SFTA provided assistance and input to Dave Kendall in his production of a documentary for the Santa Fe Trail 200th.

SFTA assisted with the rededication of a DAR marker in Oklahoma to begin activities for the Santa Fe Trail 200th.

Media — 

SFTA shot aerial footage of the Santa Fe Trail through the Cottonwood Crossing Chapter area.  This can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/MH4Zh0SD2S0

SFTA sponsored and assisted with the filming of a segment of “A Taste of History” from the Santa Fe Trail

SFTA received a grant from Humanities Kansas to create the “Santa Fe Trail Lives On!” podcast

GeoTour — SFTA maintained an active & successful “GeoTour on the Santa Fe NHT.”

Promotions — SFTA created a rack card to promote Quivira Chapter SFT sites, as well as Santa Fe Trail 200th events.

Digital Media — NTIR’s new Digital Media Champion’s focus on digital media greatly increased outreach efforts to a broad range of publics.

Social Media — 

The Santa Fe NHT Facebook account follower count increased by 30%.

NTIRs Instagram account grew to 3000 followers in FY20, an increase of over 100%.


Signage — 

SFTA created and submitted sign plans for sections of the trail. 

SFTA participated in meetings with the Dept. of Transportation offices of Missouri and Kansas concerning new signage on state highways along the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and came to an agreement for placing signage on their right-of-ways

Trail — SFTA developed a new hiking trail and exhibits at Black Jack Rut.

Preservation — SFTA partnered with the Santa Fe Trail Center to preserve a section of ruts near Chase, KS to be known as the “Sharp Ruts” and includes signage/parking lot/driveway.

Installation — SFTA installed an interpretive wayside exhibit at Ralph’s Rut, Chase, KS

Trip — SFTA organized a field trip to locate crossing site at Turkey Creek.

HPHS — NPS adopted a new, partner-oriented protocol for designating High Potential Historic Sites and High Potential route segments under the National Trails System Act, and initiated a pilot program with the Santa Fe Trail Association to assess its effectiveness and usability.

Atlas — NPS Completed the Santa Fe National Historic Trail Park Atlas.


Workshops — 

SFTA held two workshops, with the National Trails Office, to focus on mutual projects including the Survey 1, 2, 3 app and the nomination of Santa Fe Trail sites as High Potential Sites and Segments.

SFTA assisted the National Trails Office with the SFNHT Foundation Documents/Interpretation workshops and review process.

Volunteers — SFTA engaged volunteers to use the National Trails Office Survey 123 app for inventorying SFNHT assets.

Staff — 

SFTA hired a part-time employee to coordinate efforts and lead publicity for the Santa Fe Trail 200th

NTIR hired a new Cultural Resources staff member to assist with external compliance actions.

Fundraising — SFTA launched a fund-raising campaign for the Santa Fe Trail 200th.