Amanda Wheelock

Amanda Wheelock

Name: Amanda Wheelock

Age: 26

Current City/State: Golden, CO

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Education: Geography at Dartmouth College

Trail Represented: Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

Federal Agency/Nonprofit Employer: Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Internship Title: Marketing and Communications Specialist

Scope of Internship: Broaden the community of CDT supporters via print, web, and social media, and create communications tools for CDTC to standardize its organizational voice and messaging.

Favorite moment/Biggest achievement of internship: Seeing my writing published to raise awareness of the CDT.

Future career aspirations: I plan to pursue a master’s degree in public lands management and policy; who knows where life will take me from there!

How has the internship prepared you for the future: It has provided me with an amazing portfolio of writing and design work, as well as fluency in conservation issues in the Rocky Mountain West.