Continental Divide NST 2017 Highlights

Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC)
Continental Divide Trail Society (CDTS)


  • Documentation — CDTC developed new strip maps, planning guide, brochure, wall map.
  • Trail Communities — CDTC developed a business survey and toolkit; Lincoln, MT became CDTC’s first Gateway Community in Montana and now there is a designated community in every CDT State.
  • Signage — CDTC launched the “Blaze the CDT” campaign by supporting Youth Corps programs; switched from plastic to aluminum signs.
  • Youth — CDTC began working with cityWILD and Denver ELK youth programs.
  • Biodiversity — CDTC supported thru-hiker who documented over 650 unique plant, insect, and animal species along the CDT for biodiversity survey.
  • Trail Adopter Training — CDTC partnered with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado to develop and adopt curriculum, program, and online map; trained over 25 new Trail Adopters for 500 miles.
  • Website — CDTS extensively revised its website.


  • Documentation — CDTC developed an optimal location review process document and marking guide to train volunteers.
  • Agency Review — CDTS reviewed agency activities, such as forest land management plan revisions.
  • Preservation — CDTS helped national forest classify ten miles adjacent to the Scapegoat Wilderness for foot and stock use only; working to prevent helicopter-supported skiing operations near trail in Colorado.


  • Partners — CDTC enlisted new partners to help drive membership.
    Strategic Plan — CDTC completed its first strategic plan for 2017-2019.
    Cooperation Agreement — CDTS implemented the 2015 agreement with the CDTC.

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