Florida NST: 2018 Highlights

Florida Trail Association (FTA)

  • Rejuvenated the Gateway Communities program in nine towns along the length of the trail.
  • Introduced the first ever Florida Trail Passport. Stamps can be collected at participating Gateway Community businesses as a fun way for hikers to engage and support towns they hike through.
  • Removed over 19 miles of roadwalk connectors with FTA’s partners in communities across Florida. This was accomplished with reroutes and new public access agreements with private landowners.    
  • FTA, in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the FNST Coalition, released the 2018 5-Year Strategic plan. Structured around four main goals, this comprehensive guide sets an ambitious course for the trail.

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The Florida Trail Association, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, constructed over 2,000 feet of puncheon in the Ocala National Forest. Photo Credit: Abe Christian, FTA.