Gabriel Chevalier

Gabriel Chevalier

Name: Gabriel Chevalier

Age: 24

Current City/State: Northampton, MA

Hometown: Ashfield, MA

Education: Geology/Environmental Science at Mount Holyoke College

Trail Represented: New England National Scenic Trail (NET)

Federal Agency/Nonprofit Employer: Appalachian Mountain Club

Internship Title: NET Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Scope of Internship: Creation and Implementation of NET Hike50 Challenge, and landowner and data management.  

Favorite Moment/Biggest Achievement of Internship: My favorite part has been working with the National Park Service to launch a hiking challenge along the NET in recognition of 50 years of the National Trails System. Having grown up in western Massachusetts with this trail in my backyard, I feel a strong desire to share its beauty with others. The challenge has been an incredible opportunity to share my love of this region with others and watch as they become inspired and motivated by New England’s captivating landscape.  

Future Career Aspirations: My future goals and aspirations are constantly evolving and taking on forms as my interests, passions, and skills change. Right now, I’m toying with the idea of a career in land conservation, such as working at a local land trust.

How has the internship prepared you for the future: The internship has offered me tools, connections, and strategies that will be invaluable as I move on to other environmentally focused organizations. Right now, I am trying to use my position at AMC and the unique nature of the NET, as it weaves through New England’s varied landscape, as a platform to think about how I can work to conserve public and private land on a larger scale.