Halle Goldstein

Halle Goldstein

Name: Halle Goldstein

Age: 22

Current City/State: Tallahassee, FL

Education: Psychology at Florida State University

Trail Represented: Florida National Scenic Trail

Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

Federal Agency/Nonprofit Employer: Florida Trail Association

Internship Title: Florida Trail Program Intern

Scope of Internship: Marketing the trail and creating partnerships with nearby communities.

Favorite Moment/Biggest Achievement of Internship: Getting to talk to the town councils and having them on board with promoting the Florida Trail, while also helping them grow economically through promotion of their small businesses.

Future Career Aspirations: Marketing or public relations for an environmental company or nonprofit organization.

How has the internship prepared you for the future: I have learned to carry out better interpersonal relationships. I have also learned that I enjoy being in the marketing sector of business, specifically on the subject of environment.