Ice Age NST 2017 Highlights

Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA)


  • Saunters — Youth program expanded to 16 districts.
  • Educators Summit — Third annual event was held with 44 participants.
  • Trail Communities — There are now 12 Trail Communities along the Ice Age NST.
  • Trailtessa — Six events were scheduled expressly for women across the trail with two already completed through REI grant.


  • Land — Closed on 11 properties that will host the Ice Age NST (two were donations).
  • Agreement — A more than $1 million agreement was reached to ensure IATA has the financial resources to manage and maintain the largest preserve it will likely own.


  • Staff — Established new staff positions of Director of Philanthropy and Outreach & Education Manager.
  • Membership — Board of Directors and committees were strengthened considerably with new members.

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