Keko’o Brown

Keko’o Brown

Name: Keko’o Brown

Age: 29

Current City/State: Mountain View, HI

Hometown: Moku o Keawe, HI

Education: Anthropology/Hawaiian Archaeology at University of Hawaii at Hilo

Trail Represented: Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail

Federal Agency/Nonprofit Employer: Ala Kahakai Trail Association

Internship Title: Community Outreach and Education Intern

Scope of Internship: I have given multiple presentations to help provide awareness and education to the community on the Big Island of Hawaii in regards to the trail. I have also created a 25-minute educational PowerPoint presentation, brochure, contact card, and a poster presentation for rural areas with less technological capacity.

Anything you want us to know? Due to the impact of the volcano, earthquakes, and lava on the east side of the island where I live, we have had to adjust previous places that were a part of the initial outreach presentation schedule. It has been a very surreal experience!

Favorite Moment/Biggest Achievement of Internship: Experiencing the pathways of our ancestors, rooted in our Hawaiian heritage! Connecting with all age groups, from youthful first time hikers to the accomplished experienced hiker, along the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail. Sharing and communicating with the community about the heritage, ancient and historical, of how ancient pathways have become the trails of today. I have enjoyed hiking with the Ala Kahakai Trail Association on monthly hikes to connect to the places along the trail to give life to the presentations in a sense of knowing the actual trail. I have greatly enjoyed this internship and have had awesome mentors.

Future Career Aspirations: Position in Heritage Management and Bio-Cultural Archaeology of Hawaiʻi.

How has the internship prepared you for the future: It has helped me to expand my knowledge base in terms of trails, pathways, and routes to include a wide array of perspectives: traditional, cultural, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, and communal. This internship has allowed me to grow in becoming an individual committed to the integration of descendant stewardship to guide the use of our trails into the future.