Nadine Leisz

Nadine Leisz has worked for the National Park Service Land Resources Program over 20 years. Prior to NPS she served at the Bureau Directorate level formulating and executing national budgets with Office of Surface Mining, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Minerals Management Service. Before coming to the Department of the Interior, Ms. Leisz worked for the U.S. Peace Corps in the headquarters offices. Ms. Leisz is the Chief, National Program Center (Coordination and Control) overseeing a staff which coordinates budget formulation and execution, analyzes programmatic issues, and codifies standard operating procedures of office management throughout the Land Resources Program. She and her staff work closely with, and serve as liaison to, the National Park Service Comptroller (Budget and Accounting), Policy Office and Contracting Office, the Department’s Office of Budget Policy, the National Business Center and Appraisal Services Division, as well as external customers including Office of Management and Budget, Congressional offices, and non-profit and non-governmental partner organizations.

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