New England NST: 2018 Highlights

Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)
Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA)

Illustrator Jonathan Scheele, Open Sky Ideas, designed this poster celebrating the New England Trail and the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System.

  • Launched the NET Hike 50 Challenge, which attracted more that 1,500 participants from 16 States and four countries who hiked, ran, volunteered, and shared pictures and stories.
  • Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act with art and music. NET artist-in-residence Ben Cosgrove gave a yearlong series of concerts inspired by his trail experience, and illustrator Jonathan Scheele designed a beautiful poster celebrating the trail and anniversary.
  • Enhanced public access through the Conway School of Landscape Design’s comprehensive plan for enhancing public access along the scenic Holyoke Range, MA, one of the trail’s most popular areas. The plan included a carrying capacity assessment, site designs, and community trail connections. It is the catalyst for a new conservation partnership between AMC, Kestrel Land Trust, Massachusetts Parks, and the Town of Amherst.
  • Installed more than 20 new signs in Connecticut and Massachusetts by communities, trail crews, and volunteers at key trailheads and along trails and roadways. The goal is a more legible and welcoming experience for hikers and walkers.
  • Bolstered summer trail crews. AMC partnered with CareerPoint in Holyoke, MA to establish the first Spanish-speaking teen crew to tackle projects along the trail. CFPA’s summer crews focused on trail relocations in Durham and Simsbury, CT to take advantage of more sustainable grades and reduce erosion.

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