PNTS publishes Ice Age Trail case studies

by Don Owen, Consultant and Case Study Author, Partnership for the National Trails System

The Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) has published its third case study about national trail protection efforts. “Partnerships, Planning, and Persistence: Collaborative Approaches Aid Three Ice Age Trail Acquisitions” tells the story of how the Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA), Groundswell Conservancy, and Dane County worked together to conserve three key properties along one of the most popular sections of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. 

After years of planning and negotiations, all three acquisitions were completed in a span of six months. The end result is a remarkable patchwork of protected land that will allow the IATA and its partners to move the trail footpath off of State and county roads into a setting that highlights the remnants of Ice Age glaciation that shaped the State of Wisconsin. 

“It’s vital that the Ice Age Trail Alliance work collaboratively with our public and private partners to secure trail rights to complete this amazing project,” said Kevin Thusius, IATA Director of Land Conservation. “We have to find common ground with partners, advocate for funding and other support, and negotiate with multiple parties so that everyone has a stake in a successful outcome.”

This case study was produced with support from the Federal Highway Administration.

Download the publication to read the full story of how the Ice Age Trail Alliance and its partners conserved three key properties to close gaps in the Ice Age Trail corridor here.

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