Santa Fe NHT 2017 Highlights

Santa Fe Trail Association (SFTA)


  • Social Media — Shared weekly e-blast and social media posts of the 52 ways to discover the trail using the hashtag #discoverSFNHT.
  • Programs — Managed the Junior Wagon Master educational program; assisted NPS on a media tour project and added more stops and signs for SFNHT sites; hosted a geocaching project; held a youth photography contest.
  • Documentation — Created two remaining booklets of a series that will be available online.
  • Anniversary — SFTA celebrated its 30th anniversary.
  • Events — SFTA exhibited at American Trails Conference in Dayton, OH, and Teaching Parents Conference in Wichita, KS; hosted the Biennial Symposium in Olathe, KS.


  • Signage — SFTA worked with Eagle Scouts to install and dedicate interpretive projects and provide maintenance to markers and signs; Missouri River Outfitter chapter added SFNHT signage to complete the project in the metro Kansas City area.
  • Advocacy — SFTA provided input on the wind energy and ball diamond projects planned near the trail and others concerning cultural resources; provided input and assistance to the Three Trails Corridor project that when completed will give the public access to 47 miles of trails in the shared corridor of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California NHTs throughout the Kansas City metro area.


  • Partnership — SFTA entered into a new partnership with Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area; met with PhD candidate Scott Elder about his dissertation project on the National Historic Trail System; held a workshop with NPS to develop planning for 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail.
  • Membership — SFTA welcomed new board members, chapter presidents, and committee chairs.

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