Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail 2021 Highlights

The National Park Service provided the following highlights for the Selma to Montgomery NHT during the 2021 calendar year:

Collaboration and Engagement

Brown Chapel A.M.E. Selma, AL. Photo courtesy NPS.

On Wednesday, June 23 2021, a groundbreaking ceremony at Brown Chapel marked the beginning of a much-needed restoration/repair project to bring back the shine and luster of the church. The event was attended by NPS Superintendent of the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail Dr. Joy G. Kinard, Congresswoman and Brown Chapel congregation member Terry A. Sewell (AL-7), and Alabama Governor Kay Ivy.

Strengthening Organizations and Partnerships

Montgomery Interpretive Center at Alabama State University. Photo courtesy NPS.

The Montgomery Interpretive Center reopened its doors to the public in 2021. The center is hosted by Alabama State University and it reopened its doors to the public in a reduced capacity on Memorial Day 2021. The facility is the third visitor contact station along the Selma to Montgomery Trail. The exhibits featured provide information about the movement with a focus on the events that occurred in Montgomery from March 8th to March 25th, 1965.

Education, Interpretation and Cultural Expression

The Trail presented 2 radio shows on local radio stations in Selma and Montgomery, AL. They featured Foot Soldiers who were children during the March, and women of the movement who shared their experiences with the audiences listening through the airways.