Stacia Morfin

Ta’c ‘éetx papáayn’iinim wenỉikt wées k’uusnim qicxnew’eet soyapoo wenỉikt wées Stacia Morfin. Welcome. My Indian name is Takes Care of Water, and my given name is Stacia Morfin. I am the owner and operator of Nez Perce Tourism, LLC a Native-woman business located in the Pacific Northwest. I am a proud member of Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) nation with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate degree in Hospitality Management from Lewis-Clark State College. My business, Nez Perce Tourism, provides a warm welcome to Nimiipuu Country where guests will experience a true sense of place with Nimiipuu “The People.” Radiating with cultural wisdom, Nez Perce Tourism is the only place in the world where you will hear our side of history, witness the stories of our ancestors, and receive legendary hospitality founded in our cultural understanding of honor and respect. “Now is the time, we, the Nimiipuu, share our own story, with cultural integrity at the forefront. I am proud to say tourism is not new to our nation. Historically and from this day forward people will be reminded that we have and always (will) be known for our vast connection to the land in which we originated from. Guiding and sharing our wisdom is in our DNA.”