Kaleo Paik

Kaleo Paik, Secretary of the Ala Kahakai Trail Association
Kaleo Paik is a board member of the Partnership for the National Trails System. She is a descendent of many generations of Hawaiians who lived around part of the trail in South Kona, and believes it is her responsibility to preserve and protect the integrity, purpose and use of the trail in part and in its entirety.  She has walked upon part of the trail that her father, his mother, her parents and their parents walked, and in so doing continues the family connection to the area. Through these generational ties, Kaleo has historical and cultural wisdom specific to the segment of the trail that her family helped to build and used. Kaleo assists Ala Kahakai Trail Association with her expertise in fiscal management, strategic planning focusing on short and long term goals, and genealogical and historical knowledge of Kona.