The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail

 “The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail” (2016, Rizzoli with Pacific Crest Trail Association)

This official book celebrates the history, beauty, and importance of the West Coast’s most iconic hiking trail. Designated as one of the first two national scenic trails in 1968, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a continuous footpath of more than 2,650 miles—from the Mexican border to the Canadian border through California, Oregon, and Washington. Hikers from all over the world are drawn to this trail to experience beauty and wilderness and to challenge themselves—whether for two miles or two thousand. The only illustrated book officially published with the Pacific Crest Trail Association, “The Pacific Crest Trail” details the history of this legendary footpath, from its creators to today’s stewards and it includes more than 250 spectacular contemporary and historical photos. There’s even an official trail map folded into an inside pocket. This book is perfect for anyone interested in conservation, outdoor recreation, and for all those who dream of one day becoming thru-hikers themselves. There’s an inspiring foreword by best-selling “Wild” author Cheryl Strayed. The book is an inspirational bucket list for everyone who wants to get out on the trail–from day hiker to thru-hiker.

About the authors:

Mark Larabee is the associate director of communications and marketing for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, he spent 25 years as a newspaper reporter and editor. In 2005, he spent four months researching a 13-part series about the Pacific Crest Trail.

Barney Scout Mann is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in Backpacker, the Oregonian, and the PCT Communicator. He served as chair of the Pacific Crest Trail Association’s board of directors from 2012 to 2015. His first hike on the PCT was in 1965, and he thru-hiked the PCT in 2007.

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