The Rethink Outside™ Shared Narrative May Help Advance JEDI

The Rethink Outside™ Shared Narrative May Help Advance JEDI

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The Partnership for the National Trails System is excited to host our keynote speaker for the 2021 Virtual National Trails Workshop: Anupama Joshi (she/her), Executive Director of the Blue Sky Funders Forum. During Rethink Outside™: Let’s Tell a New Story! on November 1, 2021, Joshi will discuss why the Rethink Outside™ shared narrative, co-generated and coordinated by Blue Sky Funders Forum, plays a critical role in enabling partnerships, funding, and policy change.

According to Joshi, narratives are key to shaping social movements, including the effort to increase access to a more diverse population of National Trail users. Says Joshi, “My vision for the Rethink Outside™ shared narrative is to be a tool and resource for creating a future where everyone has positive experiences outdoors and shares the joy, health, growth, and sense of community that come with it.”

She maintains that her presentation for the 2021 National Trails Workshop will focus on how to utilize the “Shared Narrative” structure to build a more successful and inclusive effort to diversify the outdoors. “I invite you to learn more about the role of narratives in shaping successful social movements,” says Joshi, adding that the Rethink Outside™ Shared Narrative offers the opportunity to “challenge and transform prevailing notions around time spent in nature and lift up the benefits of time spent outdoors as a basic human right.”

PNTS is excited that Ms. Joshi will provide the space for organizations to think about how they could tell their stories in a different way. As the National Trails community works to move toward greater Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), the Rethink Outside™ framework will serve as an invaluable tool to engage and connect more fully with a diverse array of funders, partners, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Join PNTS on November 1 to learn about this invaluable tool. Find out more and register here