Trail of Tears NHT: 2018 Highlights

Trail of Tears Association (TOTA)

  • Created a full length documentary about the Trail of Tears in Missouri for airing on PBS channels with funding from the Missouri Humanities Council.
  • Created a Trail of Tears walking tour brochure featuring witness structures and sites on the Tennessee River in Decatur, AL, funded by the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area under the guidance of the Alabama Chapter.
  • Attracted large audiences to two symposiums for lectures about the removal on college campuses. The North Carolina Chapter teamed with the University of Western Carolina and the Tennessee Chapter teamed with Cleveland Community College to bring information and stories about the removal to students and the general public.
  • Completed sign plans on the Trail of Tears northern route through Missouri and gained approval for signage on all county roads in the seven counties with Trail of Tears NHT routes.
  • Updated website made electronic registration possible for the Annual Conference and Symposium, and half of the registrations were processed in this manner. Updates have been geared toward attracting students and recent graduates, and about 25 percent of membership renewals are now received electronically.
  • TOTA and the University of North Alabama, through the efforts of the Association’s Strategic Planning Committee for Education, have agreed to put in place a Memorandum of Understanding whereby the University will be the clearing house and coordinator for implementation and continual updating of a comprehensive Trail of Tears curriculum for classroom teachers accessible via TOTA’s website.

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Cover story of Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Photo Credit: Missouri Humanities Council.