2019 Pony Express National Historic Trail Highlights

National Pony Express Association (NPEA)


Events — NPEA held its Annual Re-Ride of the Pony Express Trail from St. Joseph, MO to Old Sacramento, CA, which took 10 days to complete traveling nonstop by horseback 24 hours a day. About 900 riders and their horses from all eight State divisions of the organization carried commemorative letters.

Technology — NPS completed work on interactive map layers showing Pony Express stations. NPS collected near real-time GPS locations from the riders during the re-ride. The data was put onto a web map application, posted on NPEA’s website, and viewed by thousands of people.


Signage — NPEA has almost completed a national trails signage project in the Tooele, UT area, and have halfway completed another signage project spanning 142 miles from Ibapah, UT.

Maintenance — NPEA installed a 15-foot asphalt swale at the entrance on Wrights Road, XP Corral Trailhead, removing the last impediment to accessing the trailhead over the heavily eroded drainage ditch. This repair improved public access to the trail and a staging area for trail maintenance. BSA Troop 186, one of the most active volunteer groups on the trail in California, adopted 11 miles of the trail and used the trailhead to conduct a spring work party for pruning and a fall work party for cleaning culverts while simultaneously earning merit badges and rank requirements or advancements.

Planning — NPS provided technical support for a $45,000 National Parks Foundation grant, allowing the board of directors for Marysville Pony Express Home Station No. 1 to complete roof stabilization and plan for mortar repointing, a parking concept plan, and a sign plan for the historic Pony Express Barn in Marysville, KS. 


Strategic Plan — NPEA updated its strategic plan for 2019-2024.