COVID-19 Updates for National Scenic and Historic Trails

Trail friends, advocates and partners:

As you know, the COVID-19 situation is evolving quickly. Public health experts urgently advise those at lower risk of illness to take proactive precautionary measures (like social distancing, self-quarantining when sick, washing hands) not just to protect themselves, but to protect the most vulnerable and slow the spread of the disease. Learn more about the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)

Like many other organizations that are postponing or canceling spring events, the Partnership for the National Trails System has also made the decision to cancel the Spring National Trails Workshop (scheduled for May 18-22, 2020 in New Mexico) and to switch the Fall National Trails Workshop to a virtual format (scheduled for the last two weeks in October 2020).

The Partnership for the National Trails System, to the best of its ability, will be posting more updates to this page regarding national scenic and historic trail organization responses, guidelines, policies, event cancellations, related news articles, and resources. Please make sure to check social media or individual websites for up-to-date information, and contact the trail organizations and corresponding federal agencies directly if you have questions. 

If you would like something shared to this page, please email Samantha Haas, PNTS Communications Coordinator, at

Some updates are also available on federal agency websites:

Note: Dates listed below refer to the date they were posted online. Content in the links may have been updated since then.


Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) recently published the “Volunteer Outdoor Stewardship During COVID-19 Guide”, which offers groups, agencies, and nonprofit organizations with generalized, yet relevant information on how to effectively and safely engage volunteers in the outdoors during the pandemic. The Guide is free to download and includes guidelines and examples from VOC’s 2020 field season.

Learn more and download the Guide through VOC’s Stepping Up Stewardship Toolkit at



  • RESOURCE: SBA; December Omnibus Bill
    • 2nd PPP Loan; 1st PPP Loan: Paycheck Protection Program loan application process opens Monday, January 11. Additional $284 Billion for first or second PPP loans available.
    • Economic Injury Disaster Loan: This loan provides economic relief to small businesses and nonprofit organizations that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue.
    • Extended Tax Relief for Charitable Donations: The December Omnibus Bill renewed the provisions in the 2020 CARES Act that allowed individual taxpayers to claim up to $300—or $600 for couples filing jointly—for cash donations to charitable organizations in 2021 on their Federal Income Tax Return; the bill also extends the increase from 10% to 25% of taxable income for corporation donations through 2021.



  • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
    • Message to all A.T. Hikers in 2021


  • NEWS: Not Your Average Walk in the Woods
    • Article from the Sierra Club magazine


  • NEWS: How Companies Can Get Employees Back to the Workplace Safely


  • RESOURCE: National Forest Foundation
    • Webinar: “COVID-19 and Field Work peer learning session” at 2PM ET Monday, September 22, 2020.


  • RESOURCE: Independent Sector
    • Webinar: “Making Strategic Decisions in the Context of COVID-19” at 2-3:15PM ET Monday, August 31, 2020.
  • RESOURCE: Nonprofit HR
    • Document for Virtualizing Your Organization’s Recruitment and Onboarding Experience.


    • RESOURCE: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Article: “Increase in Outdoor Activities Due to COVID-19”


    • RESOURCE: National Forest Foundation
      • Webinar: “COVID-19 and Field Work peer learning session” at 2-3PM EDT August 13, 2020.



    • RESPONSE: Florida Trail Association
      • Updated guidance for FTA COVID-19 Operating Procedures (7/30/2020)
      • Webpage for FTA COVID-19 Resources, including general recommendations, trail maintenance, functions and activities (other than FNST work).


    • NEWS: Arizona Trail Association Discourages 2020 SOBO AZT Thru-Hikes and Thru-Rides


    • RESPONSE: Public Lands Alliance
      • Survey developed by the Public Lands Alliance (PLA) to better understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on nonprofit partners of trails, parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands. Respond by July 21, 2020.


    • RESOURCE: Independent Sector
      • Webinar: “Upswell Pop-Up #5 – Exploring Anti-Racism and COVID-19 Recovery Strategies” at 1PM EDT August 11, 2020.
    • RESOURCE: National Park Foundation
      • Recorded Webinar: “July Fireside Chat” with David Vela, Deputy Director of the National Park Service, Deb Yandala of the Friends Alliance Steering Committee, and Will Shafroth, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation.
    • NEWS: Despite Coronavirus, Some Hiker Go the Distance on the Appalachian Trail


      • Webinar: “Engage, Connect, Protect: Conservation, COVID-19 and the New Civil Rights Movement” at 12PM EDT July 7, 2020.


    • EVENT: Partnership for the National Trails System
      • Virtual Workshop has been scheduled for the last two weeks in October 2020 instead of the originally planned in-person event in Spartanburg, S.C. that month.


    • RESPONSE AND RESOURCES: Pacific Northwest Trail Association
      • Blog post about the PNTA field season beginning (6/22/2020), referencing this sheet of how PNTA is keeping staff and communities safe during COVID-19 and this Field Safety Manual, as well as this guidance for visiting the PNT in 2020 (6/5/2020).



    • RESPONSE: North Country Trail Association
      • Video about Volunteering Responsibly with NCTA.


    • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
      • Update on A.T. Closures and Conditions, announcing all but 5.2 miles of the A.T. have reopened, but there are still challenges with overnight camping, new COVID-19 infections, and volunteer maintenance.


    • NEWS: On the Appalachian Trail, thru-hikers defy requests to leave as they seek refuge from a rapidly-changing world
      • Article from Richmond-Times Dispatch.





    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail Association


    • RESOURCE: American Hiking Society
      • Facebook live videos on “Hiking and Playing Outside in the Time of COVID-19” with Kate Van Waes, AHS Executive Director, at 3PM EDT June 2, 2020, and “20 Ways to Engage and Empower Kids on Trails” with Windy Gordon, Educator and Author of 50 Hikes with Kids, at 3PM EDT June 3, 2020.
    • RESPONSE: Continental Divide Trail Coalition
      • Updated Guidance for visiting the CDT (6/3/2020).
      • Guidance for CDTC Adopters and Volunteers Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak.



    • RESOURCE: Shared by Network for Landscape Conservation
      • Resources for Strategic Thinking in a Long-Term Crisis by Up With Community.
      • Resources for Response to COVID-19 by Training Resources for the Environmental Community.
      • Resources for Strategic Thinking in a Long-Term Crisis by Up With Community.
      • Resources for Response to COVID-19 by Training Resources for the Environmental Community.
      • Resources to help nonprofits navigate the new situations presented by the pandemic by The River Network. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Tribal, African American, and other under-represented communities. Note in particular the strong set of equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice resources.
      • The Institute for Conservation Leadership has offered an article of tips for effective remote collaboration, and has highlighted the importance of adaptive leadership in response to the COVID-19 crisis (ICL has compiled a set of additional resources on adaptive leadership as well).
      • Resources around virtual work and remote meetings by the US chapter of the International Association of Public Participation.
      • Tips for staying human during virtual work from The Nonprofit Quarterly. 
      • COVID-19 Communications Triage Kit from the Communications Network.
      • Report on Parks and the Pandemic from The Trust for Public Land.


    • RESOURCE: American Trails
      • Article about “How COVID-19 is Affecting the Trails Community.”
      • Report from May 2020 on The Effect of This Pandemic on Trails.
    • RESOURCE: Camber Outdoors


    • RESOURCE: American Trails
      • Survey of shovel-ready trail projects deadline has been extended to 8PM EDT Friday, May 22.
    • RESOURCE: Recreate Responsibly Coalition
      • New Website with resources to join the coalition and share the toolkit. The Recreate Responsibly Coalition is a newly formed coalition of nonprofits, outdoor businesses, and land managers developing and sharing best practices to protect each other and our natural landscapes.



    • RESOURCE: National Park Foundation
      • One-pager on the importance of government relations in a COVID-19 environment.


    • RESOURCES: Arizona Trail Association
      • Tools for Remote Learning (DIY guides, activities, and Junior Explore handbooks).
    • RESPONSE: Florida Trail Association
      • Interim COVID-19 Operating Procedures for FTA, including the announcement that trail maintenance will continue to be suspended until at least July 1, 2020, but FTA Chapters will have the option to resume activities (other than trail maintenance) with guidelines starting May 16, 2020.


    • RESOURCES: GuideStar and Foundation Center (Candid)
      • Webinar: “Shifting Your Events Online During COVID-19” at 2PM EDT May 20, 2020.
    • RESOURCES: The Trust for Public Land
      • Webinar: “The Great American Outdoors Act: Vital to recovery and our future” at 5PM EDT May 14, 2020.
    • RESPONSE: Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
      • Response regarding organizational and field program updates.



    • RESPONSE: North Country Trail Association
      • Video message from NCTA Executive Director Andrea Ketchmark regarding state stay at home order expiration.
      • Updated FAQ from NCTA (5/8/2020).


    • RESOURCES: American Trails
      • Webinar: “Common Ground: Shared Goals for the Trails and Health Communities” at 1-2:30PM EDT May 14, 2020.
    • RESOURCES: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Webinar: “Conservation & Recreation Advocacy From Home” at 1PM EDT May 14, 2020.
      • Recorded webinar: “How to Swiftly and Safely Re-Open Parks and Trails”


    • EVENT: Oregon-California Trails Association
      • Postponement of the Elko, Nevada convention from September 2020 to September 2021, therefore pushing the Casper, Wyoming convention to August/September 2022.




    • RESPONSE: Northwest Youth Corps and Idaho Conservation Corps
      • NYC and ICC are still planning to operate their summer crews! If you know someone who is interested in their program, visit or NYC and ICC have designed a set of protocols for safe operations of their programs by working with our Physician Advisor, and staff from Aerie Backcountry Medicine, and Experiential Consulting.


    • RESPONSE: Florida Trail Association
      • In response to Florida Governor’s recent executive order, FTA will further the postponement of all in-person events, including but not limited to activity hikes, trail maintenance, chapter meetings, and other meetings, until at least May 15th.
      • Online classes available for the Florida Master Naturalist Program.


    • EVENT: North Country Trail Association
      • Virtual Format: The North Country Trail Association Celebration, scheduled for August 5-8, 2020 at Clarion, PA, will now move to a virtual format throughout the month of August.


    • RESOURCES: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Recorded Webinar and FAQ with Burl Kelton, U. S. Small Business Administration PIO, to better understand SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans.
      • Resources for SBA Disaster Relief (For Economic Injury).
    • RESOURCE: Pacific Northwest Trail Association
      • Manual: PNTA Safety Manual COVID-19 Epidemic Protocol (this draft pdf version is from April 28, 2020 – it is subject to change). Please use this link for the most updated version.
        • The PNTA has made this document available under a ​Creative Commons Sharealike license​, CC BY-SA 4.0. You are more than welcome to copy it, adapt it, and repurpose it for use by your organization. If you do use it, PNTA would appreciate a credit.
    • RESOURCES: National Park Foundation
      • Recorded Fireside Chat with David Vela, Deputy Director of the National Park Service, David MacDonald, President of the National Park Friends Alliance Steering Committee & CEO of Friends of Acadia, and Will Shafroth, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation (from April 23, 2020).
      • Video Message about National Park Week from David Vela (from April 16, 2020).




    • RESOURCES: American Trails
      • Webinar Recording: “Tech on the Trail: Engaging Kids on Hiking Trails using Technology” in coordination with California State Parks and the California Trails Conference Foundation (aired 4/23/2020).
    • RESOURCES: America Walks
      • Webinar: “Walking and Walkability in the Time of COVID-19: New Policies and Practices” at 2PM EDT May 13, 2020.
    • RESOURCES: Independent Sector
      • Chatbot for CARES Act: How to Apply for Nonprofit Relief Funds
    • RESOURCES: Nonprofit HR
      • Virtual Town Hall: “Grief, Trauma & Depression During a Crisis: How it Shows Up, How to Manage it” at 12-1:15PM EDT April 27, 2020. 
    • RESOURCES: The Conservation Fund
      • Advice for Gateway and Rural Communities During the Coronavirus Pandemic.
      • Webinar Recording: “What COVID-19 Means for Gateway Communities.”


    • RESOURCES: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Webinar: “Small Business Support to Boost Economic Recovery” at 1PM EDT April 28, 2020.


    • RESOURCES: Leave No Trace
    • RESOURCES: Public Lands Alliance
      • Webpage of COVID-19 resources
      • Webinar: “Mapping the Customer Experience” at 2PM EDT April 30, 2020.
    • RESOURCES: Salsa
      • Webinar: “Create Stronger Online Relationships during Covid-19 with Cornershop Creative” at 2PM EDT May 1, 2020.
      • Webpage of COVID-19 resources


    • RESOURCES: National Park Foundation
      • Fireside Chat with NPF, NPS & Friends Alliance at 3PM EDT April 23, 2020.


    • RESOURCES: Nonprofit HR
      • Webinar: “Virtualizing Your Recruitment and Onboarding Experience” at 12-1:15PM EDT April 20, 2020. 
      • Ideas of how organizations are keeping their employees encouraged and engaged during COVID-19.
      • Whitepaper: The Value of a Contingent Workforce: Your Organization’s Outsourced Recruiting Strategy


    • RESOURCES: Independent Sector
      • Webinar: “Policy Town Hall on COVID-19 Response” at 2PM EDT April 16, 2020.
      • Webinar: “How to Center Race Equity in Your Organization’s COVID-19 Response” at 2PM EDT April 21, 2020.
      • Webinar: “Policy Update on COVID-19 Response and Recovery” at 2PM EDT April 23, 2020.
      • Webinar: “COVID-19 and the Remote Office — Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Insurance” at 2PM EDT April 28, 2020.
      • Webinar: “Volunteerism During COVID-19” at 2PM EDT April 29, 2020.
    • RESOURCES: Summit for Arizona Trails
      • Website for COVID-19 resources.
      • Webinars: “Managing Arizona Trails in COVID-19 Restriction” at 3PM EDT April 20, 2020 and “Looking Forward: Arizona Trails in the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Crisis” at 3PM EDT on April 29, 2020.
    • RESOURCES: SHIFT Health & Nature Webinar Series
      • Webinar about “COVID-19, Stress and Nature: Managing Clinician Burnout During (and After) the Pandemic” at 12PM EDT April 21, 2020.
      • Recorded Webinars about “Nature, Grief and COVID-19: Connecting people to parks during crisis, loss, and grief” (April 14th), “Managing Parks and Recreation in a COVID-19 World” (April 7), and “Nature and the COVID-19 Pandemic” (March 19).


    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail Association
      • Updated guidance from PCTA to extend COVID-19 shutdown of all in-person volunteer projects, trainings, and events to June 1. Request extended for everyone to stay off the PCT until further notice.
    • NEWS: The Ultimate Hiking Guide For When The Trails Reopen (Nebraska To Wyoming)
    • NEWS: Appalachian Trail community designation slowed by epidemic


    • RESPONSE: American Hiking Society
      • Letter to Congress in support of trails and public lands infrastructure in COVID-19 stimulus
    • RESOURCES: National Park Service
      • Resources to virtually stay connected to national parks.
    • NEWS: The 2020 Hiking Season Through the Eyes of a Trail Angel


    • NEWS: Last Man on the Appalachian Trail
    • NEWS: Investment in open space, greenways, trails is critical


    • RESOURCE: American Trails
      • Research survey created. In an effort to quantify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the trails and outdoor recreation community and greater industry, American Trails seeks data from its partners on the effects so far, and the potential effects moving into the coming years. American Trails will share the results widely and work with other industry efforts to quantify the effects of this pandemic on the businesses, organizations, and individuals that rely on trails and outdoor recreation.
    • NEWS: NPS Memo: Lock Down National Parks Now
    • NEWS: Trail of Tears “Remember the Removal” bicycle team trains separately due to COVID-19


    • RESPONSE: U.S. Forest Service
      • Interim Directive to extend saw and other certifications one year (effective 4/9/2020)
      • Guidance on Grants and Agreements due to COVID-19 effects (4/8/2020)
    • RESPONSE: Ice Age Trail Alliance
      • Response from IATA regarding the IAT and Governor’s 4/9/2020 closing of public land effective 4/10/2020 due to unprecedented crowds, littering, and vandalism.
    • NEWS: As Wisconsin’s outdoor spaces are getting more use than ever, we need to help keep them clean.
      • Article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


    •  RESPONSE: National Frontier Trails Museum  
      • Closure of National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, Missouri for the remainder of the fiscal year, ending June 30, 2020. 
        • In a message to OCTA, Frank Buhro, the Historic Sites and Museum Administrator for the city of Independence, Missouri, wrote: The city is reviewing the budget impacts of the virus on the city’s revenue streams and will make further determinations in the coming weeks. All contractual agreements with the NFTM Museum have to be suspended until further notice. That includes the Living History Program and the PTA wagon rides.
    • NEWS: Coronavirus and national parks: What’s closed.
      • Article from National Parks Traveler
    • NEWS: In Most Years, Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Is a Challenge. In 2020, It’s a Bad Idea.


    • RESOURCE: Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
      • Webinar on “Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Geotourism: Growing Community Tourism During Unprecedented Times in Tourism” at 1PM EDT April 9th.
    • NEWS: BBB Alert: Prevent ‘Zoom-Bombing’ in your Next Videoconference
    • NEWS: Should You Exercise Outside During the COVID-19 Epidemic


    • RESOURCE: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
      • Recorded Webinar on “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Wilderness Stewardship Community: A Town Hall Conversation” 
    • RESOURCE: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
      • Webinar on “The Stimulus Bill and Nonprofits: Answers to Your Questions” at 2PM EDT April 7th.
    • RESOURCES: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Recorded Webinar on “What You Need to Know About Economic Injury Disaster Loans”
      • Recorded Webinar on “Understanding What’s in the Economic Stimulus Package”
      • Recorded Webinar on “Thriving Together in Tough Economic Times with Data 1st Marketing Automation”
    • NEWS: Spokane man continues hiking Pacific Crest Trail despite pleas to stop


    • NEWS: Stay inspired during quarantine with Jennifer Pharr Davis’s Armchair Adventure Book Club (kicks off April 9th)
      • Article from The Trek (posted 4/5/2020)
    • NEWS: Coronavirus pandemic disrupts Appalachian Trail Dreams


    • RESOURCE: Camber Outdoors
      • Webinar on “Leading Inclusion, Equity,and Diversity Through COVID-19 and Beyond at 2PM EDT April 14th.
      • Webinar on “Understanding Nonprofit Funding Through COVID-19 and Beyond” at 2PM EDT April 21st.
      • Webinar on “Inclusive Leadership Through COVID-19 and Beyond” at 7-8:30PM EDT April 28th.


    • EVENTS: Outdoor Retailer 
      • Cancellation of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (scheduled for June 23-25, 2020).
    • RESPONSE: Florida Trail Association
      • Updated message in response to Floriday’s stay at home order, FTA “urges you to please stay off the Florida Trail during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many sections and facilities along the trail are closed and more are continuing to close each day.”
      • Virtual puzzles of the Florida Trail.
    • RESOURCE: Shared by the National Park Foundation
      • Webinar on “Fundraising for Parks During Uncertain Times” at 3-4:30PM EDT April 6th.
    • NEWS: The Pacific Northwest closed all Forest Service trailheads. Here’s why.
    • NEWS: Leaving a thru-hike early isn’t the end


    • RESPONSE: American Trails
      • Article by American Trails Executive Director Mike Passo: “Thinking of Hitting the Trail During COVID-19? Answer These 5 Questions First.”
    • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
      • Letter sent on behalf of ATC and 29 of the 31 A.T. maintaining clubs to ask the federal government to close the entire Appalachian Trail until April 30 because of COVID-19.
    • RESPONSE: North Country Trail Association
      • Webpage with Trail Alerts and NCTA responses to frequently asked questions (4/1/2020). 
      • Program change: For the month of April, all miles (off the NCT, too) will count toward the Hike 100 Challenge. Share on social media using #hikefromhome and @northcountrytrail.
    • RESOURCE: Shared by Nonprofit HR
      • Virtual Town Hall on “Workforce Planning during the COVID-19 Crisis: Freezes, Furloughs, Layoffs & Position Eliminations” at 12-1:15PM EDT April 6th.
    • RESOURCES: Shared by the Outdoor Industry Association
      • Survey seeking input on how your outdoor industry business has been impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis.
      • Online community: Join the LinkedIn Outdoor Industry COVID-19 Forum, a private group for outdoor industry professionals to connect and collaborate directly with each other and OIA leadership.
    • NEWS: One death, multiple rescues  on Pacific Crest Trail heighten calls to stay away during pandemic.


    • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
      • Announcement regarding 2020 thru-hikers. “All 2020 thru-hikers who began their hikes this year and left the Trail prior to March 31, 2020 will receive an extension: once the CDC provides guidance that special precautions are no longer necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or ATC issues an announcement, thru-hikers can pick up where they left off and have 12 months from the date they restart to complete their hike and be recognized as a thru-hiker in our 2,000-miler registry.”
    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail Association
      • Updated response from PCTA to stay off the Pacific Crest Trail: “We are no longer providing information about what sections of the PCT are closed or open as the situation is rapidly changing, and we’ve asked long-distance users to cancel or postpone journeys.
      • Message from the U.S. Forest Service regarding permits:Be advised that your PCT long-distance permit is valid only on public lands that are open for travel. You can no longer complete a thru-hike due to public land and facility closures.”
    • RESOURCE: Shared by Appalachian Trail Conservancy
    • RESOURCE: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Webinars on “Understanding What’s in the Economic Stimulus Package” at 1PM EDT April 2nd, and “Thriving in Chaotic Times – The Neuroscience Behind Our Distress” at 1PM EDT April 10th.
      • Webpage with COVID-19 Resources for the Outdoor Industry
    • RESOURCE: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
      • Webinar on “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Wilderness Stewardship Community: A Town Hall Conversation” at 4PM EDT April 2nd.
    • NEWS: Forest Service Says PCT Permit Holders Can no Longer Complete Thru-Hike on Public Lands
    • NEWS: Hiking during the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s how to stay safe on the trails.


    • RESPONSE: Arizona National Scenic Trail
      • Message from U.S. Forest Service: The Arizona National Scenic Trail is open. However, some recreation facilities and trailheads along the trail are shut down to promote physical distancing (3/26/2020). 
      • Webpage from Arizona Trail Association detailing the Arizona “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” order and reporting trail and park closures such as Grand Canyon National Park.
      • Volunteering while social distancing by joining the Remote Maintenance Task Force.
    • RESPONSE: Benton MacKaye Trail Association
      • Message from BMTA President Barry Allen (3/30/2020).
    • NEWS: Ice Age Trail, parks encourage nature learning opportunities amid school closures


    • NEWS: Tough year coming: Virus impacts to hit Montana’s outdoor economy
      • Article from Bozeman Daily Chronicle
    • NEWS: After death, 2 rescues, Pacific Crest Trail hikers told to go home


    • RESPONSE: Appalachian National Scenic Trail
      • Closure by NPS of all overnight shelters (56 total) and privies (75 total). Overnight users are encouraged to use a tent.
      • Updates on Appalachian Trail closures due to COVID-19 (via The Trek).


    • RESPONSE: Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail
      • Parts of the NPNHT are open to recreation. Please be prepared and recreate responsibly. Law enforcement and/or search and rescue operations may be limited due to COVID-19 issues. Some Parks and Visitor Centers along the NPNHT are closed at this time. For additional information please follow @npnht on Twitter or visit
      • Closure of Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center building in Great Falls, Montana to ensure physical distancing, however trails are open (3/27/2020).
      • Virtual operation of Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest offices (3/26/2020).
      • Closure of the Spalding Visitor Center at Nez Perce National Historic Park (3/25/2020).
      • Closure of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (3/24/2020).
      • Closure of Big Hole National Battlefield Visitor Center (3/18/2020).
      • Learning activity for homebound kids: Take a virtual trip on the Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail via Google Earth. Parents can download teaching and learning tools such as coloring books from the Learning Center.
    • RESPONSE: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
    • RESOURCE: Camber Outdoors
    • NEWS: Social distancing is about to get a whole lot harder
    • NEWS: Parks are closing-but wilderness is all around you


    • RESPONSE: Ice Age National Scenic Trail
      • Updated response from IATA Executive Director Mike Wollmer (3/26/2020) and from the National Park Service (3/24/2020) in adherence to Safer-At-Home order issued by Wisconsin Governor Evers directing all IAT volunteers to cease all volunteer activities that cannot be performed within the guidelines of Emergency Order #12, as well as postpone or cancel events through May 1, 2020.
    • EVENT: Continental Divide Trail Coalition
      • Virtual Trail Days: The sixth annual Continental Divide Trail Days was scheduled to take place in Silver City, NM from April 24-26, 2020, but was canceled as COVID-19’s spread increased. In its place, CDTC will host a Virtual Trail Days celebration throughout the month of April, which will be free to the public and streamed via Facebook Live.
      • Blog post about how to support Gateway Communities from home.
    • NEWS: Hikers, climbers, mountain bikers reconsider plans amid COVID-19


    • RESPONSE: Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail
      • Closure of the Selma and Lowndes Interpretive Centers.
      • Postponement of the 19th Amendment Anniversary Women’s April program and other programs, which will be rescheduled once the center is reopened.
    • RESPONSE: Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
      • Reminder to explore the trail from home using interactive maps here.
      • Closure of Lewis and Clark NHT Visitor Center in Omaha, Nebraska as of 3/23/2020.
    • RESOURCE: Nonprofit HR
      • Webinar about “Keeping Your People Together During COVID-19” at 12-1:15 PM ET. View recording.
    • NEWS: Due to coronavirus, hikers advised to leave the Pacific Crest Trail. Some refuse.
      • Article from the Los Angeles Times
    • NEWS: Arizona trails are crowded during coronavirus. Here’s how to hike, visit parks responsibly


    • RESPONSE: Oregon-California Trails Association
      • Closure of OCTA Headquarters (524 South Osage Street, Independence, Missouri) for the next 30 days per city order. Update (4/8/2020) closure through at least April 27.
      • Postponement of all OCTA chapter events until further notice.
    • RESPONSE: American Hiking Society
      • FAQ for hiking responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • EVENT: Santa Fe Trail Association
      • Cancellation of all SFTA events and meetings until further notice, and SFTA encourages local chapters to follow the same approach to protect the safety and health of members and guests.
    • EVENT: American Hiking Society
      • Registration is open for National Trails Day planned for 6/6/2020. AHS will be closely monitoring guidelines from the CDC and will notify the public should any plans change.
    • RESOURCE: The Avarna Group
    • NEWS: The Arizona Trail is open, but should thru-hikers make the journey?




    • EVENT: Partnership for the National Trails System
      • Cancellation of the Spring National Trails Workshop (scheduled for May 18-22, 2020 in New Mexico).
      • Survey: PNTS requests that trail friends, advocates, and partners please fill out this survey by 4/13/2020 regarding feedback for future workshop plans.
    • EVENT: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
      • Cancellation of the Appalachian Trail Days (scheduled for May 15-17, 2020 in Damascus, Virginia) based on guidance provided by the Virginia State Department of Health.
    • RESPONSE: North Country Trail Association
      • Response to COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (3/20/2020)
    • RESPONSE: Florida Trail Association
      • Statement from FTA Trail Program Director Kelly Wiener regarding COVID-19 updates for hikers (3/20/2020).
      • Webpage regarding Trail Closures and Notices.
    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail Association
      • Response from PCTA per U.S. Forest Service direction regarding 2020 Permits.
      • Message from PCTA via Facebook: “It’s time to go home. We’re asking everyone to stay off the trail for now. These are truly heartbreaking times. To all of you who are affected, whether you’re a hiker, in a trailside business, a volunteer, or something else: we wish you and yours strength, health, and wellness in this storm. The sun will rise on the Pacific Crest Trail again. Let’s use this challenge to build up our little community, support each other and rest our feet. See you soon, PCTA.” (3/20/2020)
    • RESPONSE: National Forest Foundation
      • Statement from NFF President and CEO Mary Mitsos to postpone events (3/20/2020).
    • RESPONSE: Outdoor Retailer
      • Update and resources regarding the Summer Show scheduled for June 23-25 in Denver, CO (3/20/2020).
    • RESOURCE: Shared by Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators
      • Webpage for Teaching Environmental Education at Home
    • RESOURCE: Shared by National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
      • Deadlines for Wilderness Stewardship Performance Funding and National Wilderness System Trail Stewardship Partnership Funding  have been extended to April 30, 2020.
      • Guidelines for the Wilderness Community (3/20/2020).
    • NEWS: Amid coronavirus response, Congress must support parks and open-space fund
    • NEWS: Itching to Head Outside? Read this First.
      • Article by The Trust for Public Land.
    • NEWS: Coronavirus Has Devastated the Thru-Hiking Season


    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail Association
      • Statement from PCTA to please postpone or cancel Pacific Crest Trail plans due to COVID-19 (3/19/2020).
    • RESPONSE: American Hiking Society
      • Cancellation of all Volunteer Vacations scheduled to start before 5/10/2020
    • RESPONSE: Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail
      • Temporary closure of the Trail as of March 20, 2020, following guidance from the CDC and recommendations from state and local public health authorities in consultation with NPS Public Health Service Officers. 
    • RESOURCE: Nonprofit HR
      • Webpage: Coronavirus Digital Information Portal
      • Webinar: HIPAA; ADA; COVID-19 & Your Mission-Driven Workforce (scheduled for 12-1:15 PM ET Monday, March 23, 2020). Free, but registration is required.  
      • FAQ: Managing COVID-19 – Talent Management Questions and Answers
    • EVENT: Outdoor Industry Association
    • NEWS: What It’s Like for 2020 Thru-Hikers Canceling Their Plans Because of COVID-19
    • NEWS: For Now, You Can Still Take Your Kids Outside.
      • Article written by Outside Online.
    • NEWS: BLM closes Oregon Trail Interpretive Center; trails remain open


    • RESPONSE: American Trails
      • Statement from American Trails Executive Director Mike Passo: The Respite of Trails and Outdoor Recreation
    • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
      • Closure of ATC Visitor Centers until further notice. (3/18/2020)
      • Recalling of ATC ridgerunners and caretakers for the next two weeks. “This decision was made following the ATC’s guidance to not congregate with large groups and to avoid Trail shelters, which prevents ridgerunners from fulfilling their assigned responsibilities in the field. Ridgerunners are now assisting with ATC’s communications around COVID-19 while working remotely.” (3/18/2020)
    • RESPONSE: Arizona Trail Association
      • Statement from ATA Executive Director Matthew Nelson to AZT thru-hikers and riders. (3/18/2020)
    • RESPONSE: National Park Service
      • News Release: NPS to Temporarily Suspend Park Entrance Fees.
      • Letter from Ice Age Trail Superintendent Eric Gabriel to Volunteers (3/18/2020).
    • RESPONSE: U.S. Forest Service
      • Guidance from USFS to Regional Foresters and Station Directors Re: The Operation of Recreation Service Sites and Food Services (3/19/2020)
    • RESPONSE: National Recreation and Park Association
      • Joint Statement on Using Parks and Open Space While Maintaining Social Distancing (3/18/2020)
    • RESOURCE: (Shared by American Trails)
      • Website: What Coronavirus Means for Outdoor Recreation
    • RESOURCES: (Shared by the National Park Foundation)
      • Article: Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus (written by Harvard Business Review)
      • Article: Tips for Remote Relational Fundraising (written by BWF)
      • Website: COVID-19 Coronavirus – How to Help (produced by Center for Disaster Philanthropy)
    • RESOURCE: SHIFT Health and Nature Webinar Series
      • Webinar on “Nature and the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
    • NEWS: National Park Service Waived Entrance Fees. 
    • NEWS: Why I’m Getting Off the AT Amid COVID-19 Concerns
    • NEWS: How to Adventure Responsibly in the time of COVID-19
      • Article by The Outbound Collective.


    • RESPONSE: National Park Service
      • Guidance implemented from CDC, White House, and local and state authorities to promote social distancing. 
        • According to a Facebook post by the NPS, “The NPS is modifying our operations for facilities and programs, including closure, at areas that cannot adhere to this guidance. Where it is safe, outdoor spaces will remain open to the public. Please check with individual parks for specific details about park operations.” (3/17/2020)
      • Active listing of closures and park alerts.
      • Updates about NPS response to the coronavirus.
    • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
      • Updated Guidance for A.T. Multi-Day and Thru-Hikers.
        • Letter sent by ATC President and CEO Sandi Marra to long-distance Appalachian Trail hikers advising them to postpone their hikes due to the risks of COVID-19 transmission: “Please postpone your section or thru-hike. Instead, consider alternate ways of connecting to the Trail and to the outdoors.”
    • RESPONSE: Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance
    • RESPONSE: Continental Divide Trail Coalition
      • New Statement from CDTC Executive Director Teresa Martinez regarding cancellation of Southern Terminus Shuttle Operations until 4/17. Extended to at least 5/1 (3/31/2020)
    • RESPONSE: New England Trail
      • Update from New England National Scenic Trail (administered by the National Park Service), including overnight site closures.
      • Statement from Connecticut Forest and Park Association (3/13/2020).
      • Statement from Appalachian Mountain Club (3/16/2020). 
      • Cancellation, rescheduling, or virtual holdings of CFPA indoor events and workshops between 3/13 and 3/30.
      • Closure of CFPA Community Meeting Room and Library until 3/30 and possibly longer.
      • Cancellation of AMC activities from 3/17 through 4/30.
    • RESPONSE: Pacific Northwest Trail Association
      • Webpage for COVID-19 updates and the PNT.
      • Statement from PNTA regarding COVID-19.
      • Closure of PNTS headquarters in Sedro-Woolley to the public until further notice.
      • Cancellation of all in-person PNTA events scheduled through May 1, 2020.
    • RESPONSE: Leave No Trace
    • NEWS: National Park Service Mandates Widespread Closure of Facilities, from Yosemite to Everglades
      • Article written by San Francisco Chronicle
    • NEWS: National Parks Are Still Open Despite COVID-19
      • Article written by Outside Online
    • NEWS: Moab Hospital Medical Director Asks Tourists To Stay Away From National Parks
      • Article written by KUER public radio


    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail
      • Guidelines for PCT Long-distance Permit Holders from Pacific Crest Trail Association CEO and Executive Director Liz Bergeron and U.S. Forest Service Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Administrator Beth Boyst (3/16/20)
    •  RESPONSE: Ice Age Trail Alliance
      • Statement from IATA Executive Director Mike Wollmer (3/16/20).
      • Cancellation of April 23-26 IATA Annual Conference and Membership Meeting in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
      • Closure of headquarters to walk-in traffic at Cross Plains, Wisconsin (likely through at least 5/1)
    •  RESPONSE: Florida Trail Association 
      • Statement from FTA (e-news 3/16/20). 
      • Closure of office in Gainesville, Florida until further notice (3/16/20). 
    •  RESOURCE: Virtual Town Hall – Coronavirus & Your Social Impact Workforce.
      • Webinar (FREE) hosted by Nonprofit HR and Independent Sector.
    • NEWS: Hikers are starting their annual trip north on the Appalachian Trail. Coronavirus could make it complicated.
      • Article written by The Washington Post.
    • NEWS: Is It Right to Start Your Thru-Hike During the Coronavirus Outbreak?
    • NEWS: PCTA Asks Permit Holders to Give Serious Consideration to Thru-Hike; Sends Updated Permit Info.


    • RESPONSE: North Country Trail Association
      • Statement by NCTA Executive Director Andrea Ketchmark (3/14/20).
    • RESOURCE: Trail-Related Closures Due to COVID-19
      • List compiled by The Trek. 
    • NEWS: Iditarod is still on, but precautions are being taken as coronavirus concerns spread along the trail.
      • Article written by Anchorage Daily News.


    • RESPONSE: Appalachian Trail Conservancy.
      • Main webpage on how ATC is working to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
      • Statement by ATC President & CEO Sandi Marra.
      • Guidelines for hikers.
      • Guidelines for volunteers.
      • Cancellation of April 25-26 Flip Flop Festival in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
      • Closure: ATC Headquarters in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (until at least 3/20/20 when conditions will be reassessed). 
    • RESPONSE: Continental Divide Trail Coalition
      • Main webpage of CDT closures and alerts, and guidance for long-distance hikers/riders.
      • Statement by CDTC Executive Director Teresa Ana Martinez (3/13/20).
      • Cancellation of April 24-26 Continental Divide Trail Days in Silver City, New Mexico.
    • RESPONSE: Pacific Crest Trail Association
      • Statement by PCTA CEO and Executive Director Liz Bergeron (3/13/20).
      • Cancellation of all in-person PCTA meetings and events (until at least 5/1/20). 
    • RESPONSE: Arizona Trail Association
      • Guidelines for hikers/riders from the ATA (3/13/20).
    • EVENTS: Partnership for the National Trails System
      • PNTS posted a special update regarding its May Workshop (scheduled for May 18-22 in New Mexico):
        • “Trail friends, advocates and partners: As you know, the COVID-19 situation is evolving quickly. At this point, we have not canceled our workshop for May in New Mexico. We have set a go/no go date in April and will announce the decision at that time. We understand that people have to make decisions about travel and families and other obligations. If the workshop is held, we will try to make sure that the variety of outcomes and thinking get shared with our community. Coronavirus is a social and economic justice issue, as well as a health crisis. Public health experts urgently advise those at lower risk of illness to take proactive precautionary measures (like social distancing, self-quarantining when sick, washing hands) not just to protect themselves, but to protect the most vulnerable and slow the spread of the disease (see here). Check back for additional updates!”
    • EVENTS: Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals
      • The 2020 National Outdoor Recreation Conference (scheduled for April 27-30 in Knoxville, Tennessee) has been postponed to later in 2020, likely in August or September. 
        • SORP wrote on the conference webpage, “Previously, the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals decided to move forward with the 2020 National Outdoor Recreation Conference as planned. We were very excited about the 2020 NORC and being in Knoxville the last week of April, but also understand the social and ethical responsibility we have to minimize our potential contribution to the spread of COVID-19. As such and in light of the rapidly evolving updates on this virus, we have decided to put the conference on hold. Our intent is to still have the 2020 NORC, but at a later date in 2020 (likely in August or September). We, along with our partners and supporters, feel that this is the best path forward at this time. We are still excited and hope you’ll still join us for our great line-up of speakers, exhibitors, and events at the rescheduled 2020 NORC (specific dates to be determined)! If you have already registered for the 2020 NORC, we encourage you to consider keeping your registration for the rescheduled conference. If you are a conference presenter, we also encourage you to do the same. We hope to announce the rescheduled conference dates in the coming week and thank you in advance for your patience as we work through the details of rescheduling.”
    • NEWS: Coronavirus Impacts Reaching National Parks, Raising Concerns.
      • Article written by National Parks Traveler.
    • NEWS: Hiking in the Age of Coronavirus: What to Consider.
      • Article written by The Trek (references the PCT, AT, CDT). 


  • EVENTS: Santa Fe Trail Association
    • SFTA was notified that March 14th and 15th events planned by SFTA chapters were canceled. 
      • In the organization’s 3/12/20 e-news, SFTA wrote, “We would not be surprised if other cancellations take place and advise anyone attending an event to first call or google the organizer for updates. We try to list phone numbers for all activities. You can also visit the website of the National Historic Sites and Parks along the Trail for more information.”


  • EVENTS: Florida Trail Association
    • FTA’s Annual Meeting (scheduled for April 4th in Gainesville) was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. 
      • In the organization’s 3/11/20 e-news, FTA wrote, “Due to concerns about COVID-19, the FTA board has decided to cancel the Annual Meeting, Board Meeting and Chapter Council Meeting scheduled for April 4th in Gainesville. After considering the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, FTA leadership has decided that an abundance of caution is warranted. Specifically, their direction includes: ‘replacing in-person meetings in the workplace with video or telephone conferences and postponing non-essential meetings and travel.’ Based off this recommendation, we will attempt to reschedule these meetings for July 18th, the date of the next FTA board meeting, unless conditions warrant otherwise. Stay tuned for updates as the date approaches. We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause for you. Hopefully this decision has been issued with enough time that you are able to cancel your travel plans without incurring any fees.”


    • RESOURCE: SHIFT Health and Nature Webinar Series
      • Webinar on “The Health and Nature Movement”


    • EVENTS: Professional TrailBuilders Association
      • The Sustainable Trails Conference (scheduled for March 15-21, 2020) has been been postponed to March 7-13, 2021 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Details here.
        • PTBA wrote, “This decision has been made after a thorough review of the coronavirus threat and careful deliberation with our local partners.  Additionally, so many of our attendees have received agency and company-wide travel bans, and we expect more as the week progresses. Our goal is to put on a successful, educational, positive, and safe event for all participants and our host community. Unfortunately, we don’t think it is possible to achieve this in the current climate. Though we are so disappointed to issue this news, we know that being healthy is integral to trailbuilders’ success, and feel that this decision best supports that goal. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to wait for forthcoming communication from PTBA. You can select a refund for your conference and/or workshop registration fees OR decide to apply those funds to our 2021 event (no action needed).”


    • RESOURCE: Outdoor Industry Association
      • Webinar about The Economic Impact of the Coronavirus and What Happens Next.