Rider on the Pony Express Trail

The first in a series of photography books and journals by Carla E Photography, “Rider on the Pony Express Trail” (Volume I: 2015-2016) published in 2018 by Cowboy West, LLC, will soon be accompanied by “Remnants on the Pony Express Trail,” likely in 2020. The author and her travel buddy, an Australian cattle dog named Rider, travel in their pickup truck and RV while following the historic Pony Express Trail. “It has felt like we are treasure hunters time and time again while we have been searching for Pony Express stations,” she said. As a western lifestyle photographer, the author’s research includes photographs and journal entries from their adventures.

“For anyone who would like to see the trail through my lens, hop in and ride shotgun in spirit!” she said. “In our book we share our day to day activities, trials and triumphs, the people we meet on the trail, the view of the roads leading to our destinations, and, of course, photos of those American treasures, the Pony Express stations!”


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