Winter 2017-2018

This issue of Pathways provides a glimpse of the many great strides made by nonprofit trail partner organizations and Federal agency partners to support the National Trails System. The achievements represented in these pages, however, are by no means reflective of all that is taking place on the national scenic and historic trails, only the “highlights” submitted by the primary partner(s) of each trail. This report does not include many of the great achievements of the State, regional, and local public agencies, or many other private organizations that support the trails in a multitude of ways.


Did You Know?

55,000 miles of education and inspiration for the next generation: The National Trails System creates a foundation for success for thousands of youth and serves as the ultimate outdoor classroom, from studying water quality and retracing ancestral footsteps to building leadership skills on trail crews and learning healthy habits.

Thank you volunteers: In 2017, the nonprofit partners of the 30 national scenic and historic trails contributed over 1,046,194 volunteer hours worth over $25,255,118 toward stewardship of our nation’s public lands, ecosystems, and cultural heritage.

Unless otherwise indicated, all material in Pathways Across America is public domain. All views expressed herein are perspectives of individuals working on behalf of the National Trails System and do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of the Federal agencies.