Registration is now open for Hike the Hill® 2024!

Virtual Issue Briefings January 22-25, 2024

Issue Briefings Presented in Partnership with American Trails

In-Person Hike the Hill® in Washington, DC February 11-15, 2024

Celebrating its 27th year, Hike the Hill® is a joint effort between American Hiking Society and Partnership for the National Trails System to bring together the trails community to advance shared trail priorities with congressional and federal agency leaders including: trails funding, public lands management and conservation, equitable access, and other top priority issues that sustain trails and improve access to public lands.

In 2024 trail partners from across the nation will come together for virtual issue briefings (Week of January 22), in-person group meetings, and a Trails Celebration (Week of February 11) to advocate for legislation, learn about new policies, and meet with federal partners, elected officials and their staff, and fellow trail organizations.



Picture yourself with one foot on each side of the Continental Divide, for miles on end. To your right, the Atlantic Ocean; to your left, the Pacific. You’re surrounded by mountains, or high deserts, walking across America…

Or picture yourself retracing the footsteps of pioneers on the California or Mormon Pioneer Trail, dust on your boots, headed for a new land of opportunity.

Or riding horseback with a cart train or covered wagon train on the El Camino Real de los Tejas, bringing supplies and goods to Spanish missions and posts.

These experiences, and hundreds more, can be found in every state across the nation, on America’s National Trails System.

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